Welcome to my math blog on probability and statistics.

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  1. Excellent exposition to the mixed distributions such as the Poisson-Gamma ones and the detailed and clear explanation of the relationships with and within the negative binomial distribution. Good on you, Dan, and thanks for the efforts. – John Xie from Smart Water Research Centre at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

  2. Can any one solve this problem.
    The mean of 5 observation is 10 & its variance is 20. If frist 3 observation are 15, 25 &5. Find the other 2 observations

  3. Dear Dan,

    Can you give me the literature reference about Rutherford experiment cited on your text? I would like to use in my classes. Can you email me?



  4. Hey I am a highschool student doing a math paper on Bayesian theorem and I found your blog post to be very helpful. I want to reference this source so I was wondering what your education background is. Thank you.

  5. Hello, i think this will be easy for you. If a weighted coin has 90% odds of coming up heads, what are the odds of getting at least one head in 10 tosses? Thanks in advance.

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